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Oracle Law Proudly Partners with Queen’s Park FC as New Short Sponsor

Oracle Law is excited to announce a significant step forward in our ongoing partnership with Scotland’s oldest football club, Queen’s Park FC.

Queens Park FC

For the 2024/25 season, we have taken on the role of short sponsor, marking a new chapter in our collaboration with a beloved local institution. This partnership underscores our commitment to community values and excellence, both on and off the field.

Pictured above, company Director, Colette Kerr and law Student Sophia Fraioli visit the City Stadium to launch the partnership.

A Shared Vision

Our affiliation with Queen’s Park FC goes beyond the logo on the shorts – it’s about shared values and histories. As noted by John Caruthers, Oracle Law’s managing partner: “It has been terrific to enter into a new stage of partnership with Queen’s Park, and everyone in our business is looking forward to the new season starting. QPFC community values mirror my firm’s values. To play a very small part in QPFC’s journey is a great thrill.”

This sentiment resonates with every layer of our operation at Oracle Law. Just as Queen’s Park engages deeply with the Glasgow community, we strive to connect closely with our clients, providing personalised legal services that meet their unique needs and respect their heritage.

Looking Ahead

The sponsorship is not just a means of supporting Queens Park FC but also a way to engage with the community and reinforce the importance of strong, local partnerships. Our goal is to be more than a legal firm – we aim to be a community partner that stands for reliability, history, and dedication.

As we look forward to the 2024/25 season, we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. We believe it will allow us to further engage with local businesses and fans, bringing them into the fold of Oracle Law’s community.

A Thriving Partnership

The enthusiasm around this announcement from both Oracle Law and Queens Park FC fans is palpable. We celebrate not only the success of our team but also the bonds that such sponsorships help reinforce. Building lasting relationships is at the core of both our organisations, and this partnership is proof of that shared ethos.

We invite the community and all football fans to watch closely as we cheer on Queen’s Park FC this coming season, proud to be represented in every match by the players’ kits. For more details about the sponsorship and what you can expect from this partnership, visit Queen’s Park FC’s official announcement here.

This engagement with Queen’s Park FC is more than just a sponsorship – it’s a commitment to our roots, a nod to our shared history, and a glance forward into our future, hand in hand with those who share our values and community spirit.

Queens Park FC

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