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Who We Are

Oracle Law, a leading law firm in Glasgow, proudly offers unparalleled legal services, tailored specifically for both businesses and individuals. Our broad spectrum of expertise allows us to assist with virtually any legal need – whether big or small.

Our Services


We provide expert counsel in any and all conveyancing matters. Our team makes the process seamless, ensuring that your property transactions are handled efficiently and professionally. Transitioning smoothly from one owner to the next should be as stress-free as possible, and we’re here to ensure just that.

Personal Legal Services

In addition, our personal law services are comprehensive. From drafting wills to setting up power of attorney, Oracle Law offers a human touch to legal processes. That means we’re here to guide, support, and advocate for you every step of the way.

Family Law

Moreover, our family law services cover a diverse range of issues, embedding care and consideration into each case. Whether it’s handling matters of adoption, divorce, separation, child care issues or providing advice during a challenging family dispute, we aim to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Commercial Services

Oracle Law isn’t just about personal matters, though. We extend our services to the business landscape as well. Commercial litigation can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn to us for aid in resolving disputes or recovering debts. We preserve relationships and prevent unnecessary costs through tactical negotiation and informed guidance.

Our Ethos

What sets Oracle Law apart is our accessibility. Our dedicated team is available beyond standard office hours because we understand legal concerns don’t strictly adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule.

Oracle Law has been shaped with an aim to form lasting relationships with clients. An embodiment of superior legal counsel and representation, Oracle Law is more than just a law firm – it’s a legal ally you can trust.


In conclusion, whether you’re an individual looking for legal guidance, a small business experiencing growing pains, or a large company seeking debt recovery, Oracle Law is equipped to provide the support you need.

Take the first step and reach out to our team at Oracle Law. Together, we can navigate your legal needs and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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