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Commercial Law Services

For Start-Ups, SMEs & Multi-National Corporations

Commercial Law Services. We act for a large number of Scottish commercial organisations across Scotland and in the E.U. Our clients include construction companies, manufacturers, developers, landlords, accountants, other solicitors, charities and the banks. Our business clients range from sole traders to large complex commercial organisations.

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Commercial Law Services

We aim to have a close relationship with our clients. We are interested in our clients’ business and their prospects: we believe that if our clients prosper then so will we.

Our clients value our high levels of service and our efficient and economic methods. We do not operate from large expensive offices and we keep our overheads to a minimum. We adopt modern work practices and rely on technology to keep our firm lean and efficient. We have discovered that many of our clients prefer us to visit them – this saves client time and allows us to get to know their businesses. Our efficiencies are shared with our clients through our lower fees, quick response times and results.

Our services extend beyond the confines of the traditional solicitor. We add value to our services by understanding your business requirements and the market you operate in and by being practical and pragmatic in our approach. Our advice is always grounded in commercial reality. We provide robust, independent advice, a quick turnover and a thorough approach.

Whether you are a large organisation or a new business start-up we are interested in speaking to you about your legal service requirements. Whatever your needs we are confident that we can save you money on fees and exceed your expectations.

For further information or to discuss informally what we can do for your organisation call John Carruthers on 01414041091 or e-mail [email protected].

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