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Lawyers Bridgeton

Lawyers Bridgeton

Glasgow Solicitors In addition, we give guidance on pre and prenuptial -cohabitation arrangements.

Family law has grown enormously recently and continues to evolve to meet the needs of families in Scotland. There is really no such thing as a typical family: every family is exceptional and we recognise this in tailoring our advice and service to suit the situation each family finds itself in.

The dislocation of the family unit places everyone under enormous strain and there’s no substitute for a seasoned family solicitor who is able to explain the issues and deal with them immediately, effectively and discretely.

The family law section of our site is meant as an introduction to our services and to the subject.

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Legal Services We Offer in Bridgeton

Wills & Will Writing

Where no Will has been made Civil Partners and spouses have specific statutory rights known as earlier rights. Enduring children -which includes adopted kids but excludes stepchildren- are eligible for legal rights whether a Will is in place or not. It’s not the case that married couples get the entire estate of their deceased spouse or civil partner as their entitlement is subject to an upper limit. Scots Law provides some help for single couples where their partner dies without making a will, nevertheless, they don’t have an automatic right and any award is right at the discretion of the courts within strict timescales.
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Power of Attorney

Solicitor Bridgeton A Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby one person gives power to another person or persons to take action or make decisions on their behalf in case they get incapable of making decisions regarding their personal matters. Typically the lawyer is a family member, nevertheless, it can be anyone of the granter’s choosing, including a Solicitor or trustworthy friend. Powers of Attorney are governed by legislation referred to as the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.
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Estate and Planning

A lot of people believe that inheritance tax (IHT) is only of relevance to very affluent individuals. This is not necessarily the case as increasingly more people own their home. Property prices are now rising again and therefore, is the magnitude of a person’s estate. Individual’s fiscal conditions can change dramatically over the years especially those with company interests.
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Divorce Lawyers

Where the marriage has broken down irretrievably in Scotland divorce is given. The irretrievable breakdown of a union may be established on the premise of the other celebration’s adultery or unreasonable behaviour, separation for one year together with the consent of both partners, or separation for two years with no permission of the other party.
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