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Employment Tribunal Fees


In July 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that fees for accessing the employment tribunal system were unlawful because fees prevent access to justice.   Fees were introduced in 2013 and were designed to deter ‘vexatious’ claims and transfer the responsibility for paying the cost of the claim from the taxpayer to the claimant.  The number of tribunal cases dropped substantially and evidently did reduce the burden on the court system.  However, it was ruled that unjustifiable drop in cases suggested that there was a direct link between that and access to justice.  Therefore, fees have now been abolished enabling those with employment disputes to raise them free of charge.

Submitting a Claim

There are three available methods of submitting an employment tribunal claim:

  1. Online
  2. Post
  3. Hand delivered

Submitting a claim online will be the convenient option for many.

For most employment tribunal claims there is a time limit for lodging the claim of three months. This means that the period between the incident occurring and a claimant bringing a claim must not be more than three months.

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