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At Oracle Law we provide legal advice, assistance and representation to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy owners who are encountering problems arising from their profession including investigations by their regulating body, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

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The General Pharmaceutical Council

The GPhC is responsible for investigating complaints made against registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy owners. Complaints may be at the instigation of patients or the public, other healthcare professionals, primary care organisations or other regulatory and enforcement authorities.

The GPhC employs inspectors (The GPhC Inspectorate) who are responsible for inspecting pharmacy premises in order to monitor professional standards and compliance with all relevant legal requirements. The Inspectorate is also responsible for investigating complaints or allegations involving pharmacists or pharmacy technicians.

All registered pharmacy premises in the UK are subject to regular inspection in order to check compliance with both legal requirements and regulatory standards. On finding areas of non-compliance the inspector may advise the pharmacist, superintendent or owner how compliance may be secured. He also has authority to instigate formal disciplinary proceedings where there is persistent non-compliance, where a complaint is received or where patient safety is at issue.

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