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Sanctions Available to the NMC

The NMC can take a number of actions against you if they determine the allegations to be accurate. In this article, we will outline precisely what these are, and how we can help.

What Powers Do the NMC Have?

Firstly, it is important to note that after their initial investigation, the NMC may well determine that the allegations are not founded in truth. They have the power to do this, and as such, no punishment or penalty will follow.

However, they may impose the following:

  • Caution Order
  • Conditions of Practice Order
  • Suspension Order
  • Striking Off Order

NMC Caution Order

This is the least severe action that the NMC can take. It essentially means that the committee wants to note the nurse or midwife’s behaviour as it is unacceptable, but that they do not think it will affect the safety of any patients.

The Nurse will be able to carry on their work unrestricted, but there will be a record of their actions. The order can last anywhere from one to five years, and the information will be available on their register and website, as well as anyone inquiring about the nurse/midwife’s fitness to practice.

NMC Conditions of Practice Order

If the NMC determine that whatever the actions the nurse or midwife have taken are not an immediate danger to the public but do need to be addressed, they can impose a Conditions of Practice Order.

This is only appropriate if they determine the original incident is not indicative of a general attitude problem, and that they feel the nurse/midwife is likely to cooperate. The progress of the person in question will be monitored for up to three years.

NMC Suspension Order

When the NMC determine that your actions may pose a risk to patients but that they are not fundamentally incompatible with your role as a professional nurse or midwife. It serves as a middle-ground to avoid permanently striking you off the register.

The suspension will last for a year which means you cannot practice as a nurse or midwife for up to one year. Before the suspension ends, your case will be reviewed to make sure you are fit for practice.

NMC Striking Off Order

When the NMC determines that allegations you have been accused of are genuine and your actions are entirely incompatible with your role as a nurse or midwife, then you will be struck off. This means you will not be able to practice as a medical professional.

Although an appeal is possible, you will not be able to apply to be restored to the register for a minimum of five years. When this time has passed, we can re-examine your case and ask the NMC to review it, with a chance that you will be allowed to practice again.

Get in Touch

Having your professionalism questioned can be distressing, especially when your career is threatened. When the NMC undertakes an investigation into your conduct, it is vital that you pursue proper representation.

Oracle Law is a professional firm with a proud history of representing nurses and midwives who are under scrutiny. Having us fight your corner will provide valuable peace of mind and increase your chances of a favourable outcome.

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