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Nurses and Midwives

Conduct and Competence Committee Hearings

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the regulatory body which sets standards and the code of conduct for nurses and midwives throughout the UK.

NMC Lawyers for Nurses and Midwives

At Oracle Law, we understand that just by doing to do your job you may end up on the wrong side of a hearing with the NMC. When your compliance with the standards of this body is questioned, it is vital that you have proper representation to produce an effective defence.

In all Conduct and Competence Committee Hearings, it is important to keep on mind that the onus of proof is not on you. Instead, it is upon the NMC and the accusers to prove that you have done wrong. We can use our expertise on these matters to argue what evidence is and is not applicable.

It is also up to the NMC to determine whether your right to practice is at all affected by the accusation if it is proven to be correct. Again, in this case, we will be able to craft a defence as to why you should be allowed to continue in your medical duties.

What Powers Do the NMC Have?

If the NMC find that allegations are unfounded then they will take no further action. Additionally, if they find that the allegations are true, they may still determine no further action is warranted.

However, if they believe there are grounds for repercussions, they can take the following actions:

  • They can issue a Caution Order which can last between 1-5 years.
  • They can issue a Conditions of Practice Order which can last up to three years.
  • They can issue a Suspension Order of up to one year.
  • They can issue a Striking Off Order, with no appeal for five years.

NMC Decisions and Appeals

If you have had an order imposed by the NMC and would like to pursue an appeal, our lawyers will be able to help.

Firstly, we can review your case and determine what basis there is for an appeal. If we believe there is little to no chance of a victory, we will advise you of this.

However, if we believe there is a case to be made, we can represent you in the subsequent NMC panel meetings. By reviewing evidence that was used in the original case, as well as potentially introducing new information, we may be able to get the panel to reduce or retract the original decision.

What is the NMC?

The NMC is responsible for keeping a register of all nurses and midwives in the UK whether they work in the public or private sector. It is illegal to work as a nurse or midwife without being on the NMC register. Registration is subject to an annual fee which must be paid by nurses and midwives who must also demonstrate continuing competence and adherence to the code of conduct.

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Oracle Law has a long and proud history of representing nurses and midwives who have been accused of misconduct or have had their ability to work questioned. We would be happy to represent you, and you can rest assured that our experience is invaluable.

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