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Criminal Offences

Criminal The police will notify the GDC if a registrant has been convicted or cautioned in the UK. Alternatively, the registrants can notify the GDC themselves. Convictions and cautions imposed abroad may also be considered by the GDC if they would constitute a criminal offence if committed in Scotland.

The criminal convictions need not be directly connected with a registrant’s profession or practice and do not need to have occurred while the registrant was registered to be relevant. For example, the GDC can consider convictions for fraud whether related to dentistry or to personal finances, drink driving offences, sexual or physical assault or deception.

The offence is considered by the Investigating Committee as to whether it requires a referral to a Practice Committee.

If referred to a Practice Committee, they must accept the findings of the court on matters of fact. This means that a dental professional cannot claim to have been innocent of the original charges. Similarly the Practice Committee may not question the conviction.

The only duty of the Practice Committee is to decide whether (and what) further action needs to be taken against the dental professional.

Criminal Offences
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