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Dispute Resolution

The General Dental Council

It is the role of the GDC to promote high standards of dental education and high standards of professional conduct amongst Dentists and Dental Care Professionals (DCP).

The GDC is made up of 12 members, 6 of which are appointed registrants and 6 of which are appointed lay members. The GDC is assisted by a number of committees who have different responsibilities. There are two different types of committees: standing committees and statutory committees. The role of the standing committees is to look at policies and processes in a particular area whereas the statutory committees carry out some of the regulatory work of the GDC and are defined in the regulatory Act, the Dentists Act 1984. It is the statutory committees that will consider allegations or concerns over a DCPs fitness to practice.

Before any investigation commences or any committees are appointed, the registrar will consider the complaint (or other information received by them) in relation to registered dentists or registered DCP whose registration is suspended and will determine whether said complaint (or information) amounts to an allegation. Where the registrar determines that this is the case the respondent and the person making the allegation (if there is one) will be notified.

In being notified the following items will be included: a summary of the allegation, a copy of the documents in the registrar’s possession which relate to the allegation (subject to some exceptions), an invitation for the respondent to respond within a specified time period to the allegation with written representations addressed to the Investigating Committee and where the allegation has been made by a person the respondent will be informed that any representations he makes will be disclosed to that person for comment.

Fitness to Practise
The Investigating Committee
Interim Orders Committee
The Fitness to Practise Committees
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